Creating a modern workplace with touchdown spaces can help your employees stay productive and motivated. But how do you go about creating these spaces in your New York City workplace? Metro Office explores the different ways to design touchdown spaces that are comfortable and conducive to your team’s work. We’ll look at the best workplace design elements to incorporate, as well as the most effective layout. With the right design, you can create touchdown spaces that promote collaboration, innovation, and productivity in your modern workplace. 

What is a Touchdown Space? 

open touchdown space

A touchdown space is an office environment designed for workers who may want to step away from their desks during the workday whether for a quick phone call, a brainstorming session, or a team meeting. These spaces are designed to provide a comfortable, convenient spot for employees to “touch down” when they need to have face-to-face meetings or just take a break from their regular office. 

The concept of the touchdown space emerged from the trend of more people working from home, away from the traditional office setting. It offers a flexible, comfortable, and modern alternative for those who need to make occasional visits to their office or those who need smaller, more collaborative spaces in which to work. 

In a touchdown space, you can expect comfortable seating, modern amenities like charging ports, and a focus on collaboration. The idea is to create a welcoming space that encourages collaboration and productivity while providing an escape from the typical corporate environment. It should also be designed with the user in mind — everything should be tailored to maximize their productivity and efficiency. By creating a touchdown space, you can provide your employees with a convenient place to get work done, while also creating a sense of community and collaboration within your organization. 

The Benefits of Touchdown Spaces 

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Creating touchdown spaces in your modern workplace can bring a range of benefits. These areas can provide employees with an efficient workspace for collaboration and increased productivity. Not only do these areas make it easier for colleagues to work together, but they can also provide extra space for meetings, brainstorming sessions, quick phone calls, and other activities.  

When properly implemented, touchdown spaces can have a positive effect on morale and engagement, as employees are given an opportunity to work more comfortably. This type of environment encourages more creative thinking, as individuals have the space to share ideas and explore new solutions. The design of these spaces also creates an inviting atmosphere, making it easy for employees to stay focused and productive.  

Touchdown spaces can also help reduce stress levels and improve team communication. These areas give employees the opportunity to step away from their desks and take a break when needed. They can use the space to talk or engage in problem-solving activities, allowing them to come up with innovative solutions.  

And lastly, these areas give teams the flexibility they need to get their work done in a comfortable and productive setting. 

How to Create Touchdown Spaces in Your NYC Workplace 

women working at a table

When adding these spaces to your NYC office, there are a few things that you should consider to ensure successful implementation.  

First, you want to determine the use of the space. What is the space going to be used for?  

Is this space for casual meetings? Then invest in some comfortable sofas, coffee or side tables, and charging ports. 

Is this space for brainstorming? Then you’ll need not only adequate seating and workspace, but also whiteboards or monitors.  

Does this space need to be quieter than the open-concept office in which it lives? Then you’ll need some sort of soundproofing in addition to whiteboards, workplaces, and seating.  

Next, you will want to choose the location of your touchdown spaces. It is important to select a spot that offers plenty of natural light and has easy access to the rest of the office. Once the location is chosen, you will need to equip your touchdown space with the appropriate office furniture and technology. This may include workstations, desks, seating, whiteboards, monitors, charging ports, and more. 

Next, you will need to define the rules and expectations for using the touchdown space. You may want to consider having employees sign up in advance or limit the time spent in each space. You should also provide clear instructions on cleaning up after each use and ensuring that all electronics are charged and stored properly.  

Finally, it’s important to create a positive atmosphere within your touchdown space. Try to make it inviting by including artwork, plants, and other décor. You may also want to offer snacks and beverages for employees who need a break from their work. This will make them more likely to utilize the space for productive work. 

How Metro Office Can Help 

With Metro Office, you can find a variety of furniture and technology solutions to help make your NYC touchdown space successful. Our experts can guide you through the process of designing and equipping the perfect touchdown space for your business. Not only will you increase employee productivity, but customers, clients, and visitors will feel comfortable, impressed, and well-received in your beautiful touchdown spaces.