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How to Create Touchdown Spaces in Your Modern Workplace

Creating a modern workplace with touchdown spaces can help your employees stay productive and motivated. But how do you go about creating these spaces in your New York City workplace?
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Seated Privacy: The New Normal in NYC Offices

The Rise of Seated Privacy in NYC Offices

The office of the future is here, and it looks a lot different than it did just a few years ago. Seated privacy is becoming the new normal in offices
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Biophilic Design in the Modern Workplace

As the hustle and bustle of NYC continues to evolve, so does the modern workplace. In recent years, the concept of Biophilic Design has been gaining traction as a new
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The Key to a Comfortable, Ergonomic and Productive Workplace 

Ergonomics are important to consider when it comes to office furniture. Ergonomically-designed office furniture can provide comfort and support while increasing productivity and morale in the workplace. Ergonomic office furniture
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2023 Office & Workspace Design Trends to Implement in Your Business

It’s time to look at what the next year of workplace design will bring us in 2023. It’s important to plan ahead and find creative ways to improve your space,
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