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Transform Your Workplace with a


Are you looking for innovative ways to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity? A Micro Market might be the perfect solution for your workplace! At Metro Office, we specialize in transforming ordinary office spaces into vibrant, self-serve Micro Markets that cater to your team’s diverse needs.

What’s a Micro Market?

Imagine a fully stocked, mini convenience store right inside your office! A Micro Market is a self-service retail space filled with fresh food, beverages, and snacks that employees can access anytime. It offers a variety of options ranging from healthy salads and sandwiches to indulgent snacks and drinks, all available without having to leave the office. Say goodbye to vending machines and hello to a customized, convenient experience right at work!

How Metro Office Can Help You Create the
Perfect Micro Market

At Metro Office, we understand that each office has its own culture, layout, and needs. Here’s how we can help you design and implement the ideal Micro Market for your workspace:

1. Consultation and Planning:

We start by getting to know your office, your employees, and your goals. Our team of experts will assess your space and discuss your vision to create a customized plan that fits your needs perfectly.

2. Design and Setup:

From sleek shelving units to state-of-the-art coolers and freezers, we procure and install everything required for a fully functional Micro Market. Our design focuses on aesthetics, functionality, and convenience.

3. Stocking and Maintenance:

Metro Office partners with top-notch suppliers to ensure your Micro Market is always stocked with fresh, high-quality products. We handle all the logistics, so you can focus on managing your team.

4. Ongoing Support:

Our relationship doesn’t end after setup. Metro Office provides ongoing support to ensure your Micro Market continues to meet your office’s evolving needs. From restocking to addressing any issues, we’re always here to help.